The Golarion Gambit

The Rimerunners' Guildhouse

Ch. 26 (Jade Regent Adventure Path)

14 Kuthona, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes travel to the Rimerunners Guildhall to free Ulf and retrieve the fabled sword, Suishen. But will they survive a pair of katana-wielding statues and a ninjas trying to stop them?

The adventurers reached the Rimerunners Guildhall.

There, they encounter a pair of katana-wielding statues they discovered were immune to spells. Clan nearly broke his ranseur fighting against one but the group managed to destroy one of the statues. Shien had cast a magical pit that trapped the other.

When Kyrios broke through one of the guildhall’s doors, he was ambushed by a ninja inside. Several more ninjas came out of hiding to confront the heroes.

A short while after the fight began, Shien’s spell ended freeing the remaining statue.

With one statue and ninjas trying to stop them, will the Heroes of Sandpoint prevail and rescue Ulf and retrieve the fabled sword, Suishen?

Heroes of Sandpoint

Ameiko Kaijitsu

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge



Syn Blade



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