The Golarion Gambit

The Rimerunners' Guildhouse, Part 2

Ch. 27 (Jade Regent Adventure Path)

14 Kuthona, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


At the Rimerunners Guildhall, the Heroes of Sandpoint continued to battle their way through ninjas and a katana-wielding statue to rescue Ulf and retrieve the fabled sword, Suishen.

Inside the guildhall, the Heroes of Sandpoint fought their way through over a dozen Frozen Shadow Ninjas.

On the guildhall’s second floor, they meet Omoyani, a female ninja. She and her fellow Frozen Shadow NInjas were holding Ulf Gormundr hostage in one of the rooms. She also had the legendary blade, Suishen, there.

Heroes of Sandpoint

Ameiko Kaijitsu

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge



Syn Darkblade



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