Arthur LaMorté

Male human (Varisian) necromancer 1 and Courtesan


Male human (Varisian) necromancer 1
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init + 1; Senses Perception + 2
AC 12, touch 11, flat-footed 11 (+ 1 armor, + 1 Dex)
hp 11 (1d6+5)
Fort + 1, Ref + 1, Will + 3
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee dagger + 0 (1d4/19-20) or
quarterstaff + 0 (1d6) or
unarmed strike + 0 (1d3 nonlethal)
Arcane School Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration + 4)
6/day—grave touch (1 round)
Necromancer Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration + 4)
1st—cause fear (DC 14), chill touch (DC 14), magic missile
0 (at will)—detect magic, jolt[UM]
Opposition Schools Abjuration, Divination
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk + 0; CMB + 0; CMD 11

Feats Command Undead, Light Armor Proficiency, Scribe Scroll, Toughness

Traits anatomist, Magical Talent (Prestidigitation)

Skills Acrobatics – 2 (- 6 to jump), Appraise + 3, Diplomacy + 1, Linguistics + 7, Perception + 2, Profession (Courtesan) + 5, Spellcraft + 7, Use Magic Device + 1

Languages Azlanti, Common, Infernal, Thassilonian, Undercommon, Varisian

SQ arcane bond (dagger), power over undead

Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds, potion of mage armor; Other Gear padded armor, dagger, quarterstaff, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, mess kit[UE], pot, soap, spell component pouch, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, wizard starting spellbook, 22 gp
Tracked Resources
Arcane Bond (Dagger) (1/day) (Sp) – 0/1
Command Undead (6/day, DC 10) – 0/6
Dagger – 0/1
Grave Touch (1 round, 6/day) (Sp) – 0/6
Magical Talent (Prestidigitation, 1/day) (Sp) – 0/1
Potion of cure light wounds – 0/1
Potion of mage armor – 0/1
Torch – 0/10
Trail rations – 0/5
Special Abilities
Abjuration You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Abjuration school.
Arcane Bond (Dagger) (1/day) (Sp) Use object to cast any spell in your spellbook. Without it, Concentration required to cast spells (DC20 + spell level).
Command Undead (DC 10) (Su) Receive Command Undead or Turn Undead as a bonus feat.
Divination You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Divination school.
Grave Touch (1 round, 6/day) (Sp) As a standard action, touch shakes living foe 1 rds (frighten 1 rd if already shaken).
Necromancy The dread and feared necromancer commands undead and uses the foul power of unlife against his enemies.



Date of birth: 10.31.4694 AR

Arthur LaMorté began his journey into necromancy when at the age of seven, his mother told him to go make himself some friends or he’ll be lonely. Taking her advice to heart, he began studying the art of necromancy.

Arthur’s love of necromancy is not due to evil motives or megalomaniacal goals, but rather stems from his clinical view of other creatures as mere objects to be manipulated in either life or death. He is more likely to raise the corpse of a fallen opponent than raid a graveyard for the body he needs.

Though Arthur fears that working with negative energy could possibly corrupt him and turn him evil, for now he is an amoral scholar of the thin line between life, death, and undeath.

Arthur LaMorté

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