Liliana Bladeling

Young Elf Fighter / Ranger and Cohort of Patch


Liliana Bladeling (Cohort of Patch)
Female young elf duelist 1/fighter 5/ranger 8
LN Small humanoid (elf)
Init 5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +14
AC 24, touch 18, flat-footed 17 (
5 armor, 5 Dex, +2 dodge, +1 shield, +1 size)
hp 93 (14d10
Fort 10, Ref +13, Will +5 (1 vs. fear); 2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities canny defense, fortification 50%; Immune sleep
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 defending dagger +21/
16 (1d3+3/19-20) or
2 orcs-bane dagger +21/16/11 (1d33/19-20 plus 2d6 vs. Orcs)
Ranged (S) 1 thundering sling +19 (1d21)
Special Attacks combat style (two-weapon combat), favored enemies (goblinoids +2, orcs +4), weapon training (light blades +1)
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +7)
2nd—cat’s grace, cure light wounds
1st—longstrider, pass without trace
Str 10, Dex 20, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 10
Base Atk +14; CMB +13; CMD 30
Feats Animal Affinity, Dodge, Double Slice, Endurance, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Two-weapon Fighting, Mobility, Quick Draw, Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Stealthy, Two-weapon Defense, Two-weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +13, Bluff +4, Climb +11, Escape Artist +11, Fly +8, Handle Animal +14, Heal +10, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (nature) +14, Perception +14, Perform (dance) +9, Ride +13, Sense Motive +8, Stealth +19, Survival +12, Swim +8; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Spellcraft to identify magic item properties
Languages Common, Custom Language, Elven
SQ armor training 1, elven magic, favored terrains (forest +4, plains +2), hunter’s bond (companions), swift tracker, track +4, wild empathy +8, woodland stride
Other Gear +2 moderate fortification leaf armor[ISWG], +1 thundering sling, +2 defending dagger, +2 orcs-bane dagger, portable hole, 11,700 gp
Special Abilities
Armor Training 1 (Ex) Worn armor -1 check penalty, +1 max DEX.
Canny Defense +1 (Ex) +INT bonus to AC (max Duelist level).
Elven Immunities – Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Favored Enemy (Goblinoids +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs. Favored Enemy (Goblinoids) foes.
Favored Enemy (Orcs +4) (Ex) +4 to rolls vs. Favored Enemy (Orcs) foes.
Favored Terrain (Forest +4) (Ex) +4 to rolls when in Favored Terrain (Forest).
Favored Terrain (Plains +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls when in Favored Terrain (Plains).
Fortification 50% You have a chance to negate critical hits on attacks.
Hunter’s Bond (Companions) (2 rounds) (Ex) As a move action, grant half favored enemy bonus to allies in 30 ft.
Improved Shield Bash You still get your shield bonus while using Shield Bash.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mobility +4 to AC vs. AoO provoked by moving out of or through a threatened area.
Quick Draw Draw weapon as a free action (or move if hidden weapon). Throw at full rate of attacks.
Swift Tracker (Ex) Tracking penalties when moving at normal speed or faster are reduced.
Track +4 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.
Two-Weapon Defense +1 to AC while wielding 2 weapons. +2 when doing so defensively.
Weapon Training (Blades, Light) +1 (Ex) +1 Attack, Damage, CMB, CMD with Light Blades
Wild Empathy +8 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Woodland Stride (Ex) Move through undergrowth at normal speed.

Young Hireling working for Patch


A young elf, Liliana’s home was raided by orcs. Her parents were slain as was her whole village. Young Liliana was found hiding under a home which was burnt down to the ground when Patch found her. Patch, feeling for the young elf decided to take her under his wing and teach her the basics of fighting (Much like Patch himself was raised). But Liliana loved the outdoors and took a liking to survival. Liliana is now an accomplished ranger and is in charge of guarding the group’s horses and goods. Patch will not let her adventure until she is of age.

Liliana Bladeling

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