The Golarion Gambit

Nualia, Lyrie, and Orik
Ch. 10 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

Weal, 13 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


After the group left Magnimar early in the morning to return to Sandpoint, they ran into Nualia, Lyrie, and the mercenary Orik on the Lost Coast Road. The three have recently escaped from Thistletop and were headed to Magnimar.

Having left Magnimar after buying some much needed trail rations, the Heroes of Sandpoint rode back home. .

Midway to Sandpoint, the group came upon three travelers along the Lost Coast Road. Two of them, armed with bows, were pointing them at the group and their horses. The group discovers the trio are Nualia, Lyrie, and Orikhave who have recently escaped Thistletop after an adventuring party attacked it.

The three from Thistletop tried to take the horses by force. A battle ensued in which Nagatono and Kyrios were severely wounded. In the end, Orik was captured but Lyrie and Nualia escaped. Nualia managed to steal Syn’s horse then rode fast in the direction of Magnimar.

The group continued on to Sandpoint along with the prisoner, Orik.

Heroes of Sandpoint

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge



Syn Blade

The Old Shrine of Sarenrae
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun Module Side Quest, Part 2

Weal, 12 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The group woke up early and made their way to the Old Shrine, but not before purchasing some much needed potions of healing from a gnome alchemist who was staying at the Bloody Dagger Inn.

Along the way, they came upon a plump old woman who was casually smoking a pipe while looking out from a second-story window.

Syn flirted with the woman and asked if she had seen anything unusual during the time of the murders. She claimed to have been awakened early one morning a few days ago when she heard a scratching sound on the roof. It was soon followed by flapping noises. When she made her way to the window and peered out from between the window’s slats, she spotted a “demon”, a creature which stood upon two legs and had bat-like wings.

After leaving the old woman, the group then came upon a drunken dwarf who introduced himself as Antbeard. When asked about seeing anything strange, he described having seen a demon flying towards the Old Shrine and disappear through a hole in the shrine’s roof.

The group quickly made their way to the Old Shrine of Sarenrae.

The shrine itself was in bad shape; its stone walls still stood, but the wood-shingled roof that once sheltered the single-story building had fallen in almost completely. The shrine’s front door had fallen away as well, and the stained-glass windows lay shattered and covered the ground nearby with colorful shards.

It was dark inside so the group threw in a torch.

Dozens of rats scurried away from the fiery torch.

The adventurers then carefully made their way into the shrine, where they were suddenly attacked by hundreds of rats that seemed to crawl out from every crack in the walls.

When the last of the rats scurried away, Nagatono, Kyrios, and Clan, had suffered from multiple bite wounds.

Just as the group was considering their next action, a large section of a nearby wall exploded inward!

A horrific creature stepped out from behind the wall it had just destroyed, faced the group, and let out an ear-splitting roar.

It stood taller than a man and was covered completely in red scaly flesh. Its bat-like wings flapped which threatened to put the torch out. Thick saliva dripped out of its mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

“This is my lair now,” the thing roared. “Get out or die!”


“I think we could have slain that thing if we tried,” Syn wondered out loud. The others rode their horses in silence, putting some distance between them and the city of Magnimar.

“If three of us weren’t injured, perhaps,” Medik, cleric of Desna, offered. “Thank Desna we all had the wisdom to run out of that shrine before that demon decided to attack us.”

“I don’t know,” Kyrios said. “I think we should have tried—”

“—And died trying,” Clan finished. The fighter rubbed his leg where he had been bitten by several rats. Although it had healed somewhat, the wound itched.

“We came to Magnimar for healing potions,” Nagatono said. “Now that we have what we need, we must return to Sandpoint and defend it against the goblins that threaten it.”

“I agree,” Isis said. “Saving Sandpoint is our priority. After all, it’s our home is it not?”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement as they continued to ride north, along the Lost Coast Road towards their home town of Sandpoint.

Heroes of Sandpoint

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge



Syn Blade

Bringing to a Slow Boil
Ch. 7 (Skull and Shackles Adventure Path)

9 Arodus, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Summer


The crew and their friends stage a mutiny and overthrow Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge to take command of the Man’s Promise.

To be continued…


Bodwin Dragonjoggle

Marlin Nightwater


Ripley “Dead Eyes” Morris

Ukalla Quee

It's a Trap
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun Module Side Quest, Part 1

Toil, 11 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


In need of healing potions, the Heroes of Sandpoint travel to the city of Magnimar only to find themselves being asked by the Magnimarian city guard to help solve a spate of brutal slayings. But will they be the next victims instead?

The Heroes of Sandpoint left their hometown and traveled to the city of Magnimar to buy potions of healing they needed to help fight the evil forces which threatened Sandpoint.

Around noon, the party came upon an old wayside rest by the side of the road.

When they investigated the wayside rest, they found the decomposing remains of two travelers who looked as though they had been been recently killed. Iris and Gorzel both detected magic and found a backpack containing four potions Iris later identified.

However, while Syn was searching through the victims’ belongings he uncovered a wooden doll that suddenly attacked the rogue with a knife! Then, another doll—resembling a little girl holding a stuffed animal and a knife—crawled out of a nearby backpack and also attacked Syn.


The female doll touched Syn who screamed and fell to the ground unconscious.

The others joined in on the fight against the two dolls who called each other Chuckles and Terror Teena.

After the fight against the deadly dolls, Medik healed Syn as the others searched the victims and rummaged through their belongings.

The party found two masterwork weapons and four magical potions.

Unsure of who the victims were and how the evil dolls came to be in the area, the party continued on to Magnimar.

Except for Syn, everyone was awed by the amazing sight that greeted them as they entered the city of Magnimar late in the afternoon.

Needing to fight an inn and a stable for their horses, Syn suggested they make their way to the city’s dockside area where he said they could find affordable lodgings for themselves and their horses.

After finding a stable for their horses, the party made their way to an area in Magnimar known as the Shadow a part of the city built under the Irespan, an ancient Thassilonian ruin, the easternmost end of a giant bridge which has now crumbled into the sea. The Irespan is actually the remains of an enormous bridge that stretches into the Varisian Gulf, standing over three hundred feet above the sea and over a hundred feet wide.

On the way to the Underbridge, a part of the Shadow district where Syn grew up and was familiar with, the party came upon a group of city guards blocking the street.

Syn recognized a female member of the guard. As he approached her, the guard slapped Syn across the face for allegedly breaking off an engagement with her. Syn, speechless for once, said he deserved the slap but promised to make amends.

She said that perhaps he could start by helping her find brave and skilled adventurers to help solve a recent spate of brutal slaying in the Underbridge area.

When asked about the murders, Kasedei or Kas as Syn called her, went to say that each body was stabbed multiple times by a dagger, and the hearts were cut out. None of the missing hearts have been located yet. All four were traveling worshipers of Sarenrae, but beyond that, the bodies seem to have no real connections.

Interrogations using the speak with dead spell have revealed few clues, since all four victims were attacked from behind. In all four cases, the victims were taking a traditional “dawnwalk” (a religious observance during which a worshiper of Sarenrae walks and prays during the hours before and after sunrise) when they were attacked.

Some of the corpses interviewed remembered noticing a sudden cessation of sound just before they were attacked. The most recent victim even caught a glimpse of the knife used to stab him—a dagger bearing a strange symbol of a white feather dipped in blood. The guards haven’t been able to identify this symbol yet.

No one was able to identify the symbol either, but they offered to help for a fee. Kasedei offered to pay the party 3,000 gold pieces for helping. But after Syn spoke with Kasedei, she raised the offer to 4,000 gold pieces.

The party agreed to help.

Kasedei said the guards are considering setting up an ambush before dawn the next day with the hope of capturing the killer, whomever or whatever it may be.

The heroes agreed to be a part of the ambush.

Needing to rest, Syn led the party to one of his favorite inn’s in the Shadow district. The inn, he said, was called the Bloody Dagger and was owned and ran by halfling named “Tiny”.

At the Bloody Dagger, Tiny attempted to flirt with Iris with no success.

After acquiring their rooms, the party sat down and ordered the inn’s famous stewed mutton and cabbage, along with tankards of stout beer to wash it all down.

It was while they were eating, that they overheard nearby conversations regarding the owner of a general store named Adissa who hadn’t been acting herself lately. They also heard whispered rumors about a pair of haunted dolls locals claimed were terrorizing travelers along the Lost Coast Road.

The adventurers smiled after hearing this rumor, knowing full well they may saved countless lives by putting an end to the killer dolls.

They heard locals speak of a group of Derros, strange and sinister white-eyed little blue folks who sneak out of hidden underground chambers in the dead of night to perform vile experiments on paralyzed victims.

They also heard about the dreaded Shriezyx, enormous spiderlike horrors that still dwell within the hollow places hidden within the Irespan.

Later, a tall male human with copper hair and gray eyes introducing himself as Amel aggressively and crudely asked aloud if there were any brave adventurers in the inn who would be willing to join him in a quest to hunt down and kill the Vampire of the Brinestump Marsh.

Kyrios spoke up and warned Amel of the dangers of entering the Brinestump Marsh.

Amel was not swayed by the ranger’s warnings and offered to split all treasures found in the vampire’s lair with anyone who would join him. He said he wanted to leave immediately.

No one in the entire place was willing, so Amel left the Bloody Dagger.

Before the party could return to their meal, a male halfling with red hair, a scar across his face, and soft hazel eyes walked up to the party’s table and introduced himself as Graff. He wore tailored clothing and silk gloves. Graff said he was seeking a company of adventurers to protect him from demon assassins who had been plaguing him for quite some time.

He offered the party 1,000 gold pieces each if they would protect him on his way to the city of Riddleport, some distance to the north. He wanted to leave at dawn’s light.

To emphasize his sense of fear, Graff kept looking over his shoulder as if expecting to be attacked at any moment.

The group considered the halfling’s offer but declined.

Kyrios however, was curious, and decided to follow Graff as the halfling left the inn. Iris went along with the ranger as well. The others, not interested in the halfling’s demon problems, stayed behind and turned in for the night.

After several blocks, Graff—who kept looking at the night sky over his shoulders—made his way through the narrow streets of the Underbridge.

Kyrios and Iris stealthily followed close behind.

At the end of particularly narrow alley, Graff stopped and then turned around to look back at Kyrios and Iris. The halfling waved and smiled at them, just as several figures emerged from nearby shadows.

“It’s a trap,” Iris said.

Facing five opponents, Kyrios and Iris tried to run back towards the Bloody Dagger. But the thugs blocked their paths, forcing the ranger and the sorceress to fight.

Despite Kyrios having suffered from multiple stab wounds and a hit from a thug armed with a quarterstaff, both he and Iris successfully routed the thugs with an illusionary image of a demon who appeared to be on their side.

The thugs, not wanting to fight seemingly powerful foes who could summon a demon as an ally, wisely decided to ran away.

Kyrios and Iris made their way back to the Bloody Dagger where they knew Medik and Clan would be speaking to them about the dangers of wandering off, especially in a deadly and unfamiliar city like Magnimar.

Heroes of Sandpoint

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge



Syn Blade

The Columbarium
Ch. 4 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The Champions of the Realms have entered the Adella Necropolis’s Columbarium. There, they encounter the spirit of Captain Pasco Voxus Adella, are followed by bewitching, beautiful spirits who were harmless but unnervingly annoying, and find themselves engaged in a deadly feud with one another.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

The Adella Necropolis, Part 2
Ch. 3 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


Having discovered the magical means of entering the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, the Champions of the Realms continue to explore the Adella necropolis to uncover its hidden secrets.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

Thistletop Warrens, Part 2
Ch. 9 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

4 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes continue to wreak havok on the Thistletop goblins as they fight their way through the goblin warrens towards the goblin stronghold of Thistletop.

After slaying the nearly dozen goblin refugees, the Heroes of Sandpoint made their way farther into the Thistletop Warrens.

Not long after leaving the chamber of the goblin refugees, the group ran into a musty-smelling chamber covered with matted, wiry fur. Well-gnawed bones lie scattered about the floor.

Suddenly four emaciated furless goblin dogs came at the group and attacked.

As the heroes battled the goblin dogs, a male goblin accompanied by a

To be continued…

Heroes of Sandpoint

Arthur LaMorté

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


The Adella Necropolis
Ch. 2 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The Champions of the Realms have reached the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, a family necropolis built by a medusa architect for the Adellas, an old Taldan noble family who disgraced themselves and were stripped of their title many years ago.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

Thistletop Warrens, Part 1
Ch. 8 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

4 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes’ journey to Nettlewood proves dangerous as they encounter goblin dogs and a warren full of goblins out to stop them from wreaking havoc upon the goblins of Thistletop.

To be continued…

Heroes of Sandpoint

Arthur LaMorté

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


Heroes' Reunion at the Lion Sleeps Inn
Ch. 1 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

4 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


As the Champions of the Realms meet at the Lion Sleeps Inn, northeast of Zimar, a Taldan merchant named Hanoris Dellum meets with them in a private meeting room and offers them a proposition he promises will make them incredibly wealthy and even more famous.

On the way to their six-month reunion at the Lion Sleeps Inn, Caldreas and Patch, along with Patch’s cohort ran into several bandits who thought they could try to rob them.

During the brief encounter, Patch kicked a bandit in the rear end while Caldreas launched a volley of magic missiles that blasted the ground around one forcing the petrified bandit to pee in his pants.

As the last of the bandits ran away, the three travelers continued on to their destination.

When Caldreas and Patch entered the inn’s main room, Skaylebane was already there.

They all sat together and ordered a meal along with a bottle of fine elven wine.

As usual, Winslow was nearly an hour late to the reunion, which they agreed to have every six months, barring any event that would prevent each of them from doing so.

At the table, they reminisced and swapped stories of what they had been doing during the last six months, when suddenly a man dressed in the fineries of a merchant approached their table.


The man introduced himself as Hanoris Dellum, a succesful merchant who he said also happened to be the last living scion of a disgraced Taldan family—the Adellas—whom he suspects may have been the victims of a conspiracy by powerful enemies to ruin their reputation.

He invited the four into a private meeting room where he began to tell them about his need for highly skilled adventurers like the Champions of the Realms to help find proof or information that might still lie in the old family burial grounds. He asked the Champions of the Realms to travel to the family owned necropolis known as the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, so called because of a medusa who had been the necropolis’s chief architect. There, he added, they could find proof in the form of, Infensus Mucro, a once famous intelligent sword that could be the key in exonerating the family’s name.

He gave also gave them a baton he said he had found in a hidden panel behind a plaque on a wall in the very room where they now were. Hanoris twisted the top of the baton, causing the tip to pop open and revealed a hollow inside containing a rolled parchment. The parchment contained a cryptic rhyme.

Set thee off from Slumbering Cat
Seeking where the Dead are at
Journey north and east apace
To find Medusa’s iron embrace,
Follow now the Spider Star
Behind the Wall that hides its Face
To our Sad, Abandoned Place
If visit ye the Long Deceased
Find the Will to Feed the Beast
Then Begin where all Men End
Light go out and Breath Suspend
Egress through the Stony Door
After turning Face to Floor
Each Adellan Branch has Room
In its Silent, Musty Tomb
For at least one Careless Soul
Wouldst thou fill that Empty Hole?

Hanoris believed that in the Adellas’ last days, one of their members wrote the lines on the parchment as a sort of guide or map, in the hope that they could guide future descendents through the wards and defenses of the tomb so that proof of the falsehoods could be found.

Although he admitted that he could not pay the famous adventurers what they were worth, he said they could keep anything they found save for the intelligent sword. He promised whatever they found at the Tomb of the Iron Medusa would make each of them incredibly wealthy and even more famous.

The Champions agreed to help Hanoris.

But before they could leave, a man who said he was a local shepherd named Lucius Manvale. He sadly reported that his daughters Cinda and Genelle disappeared two months ago, like others have in these parts from time to time. He muttered about something foul in the countryside, but had little else to offer, other than the fact that his daughters were good girls and would never run off with travelers as some have suggested to him.

The Champions offered to help the shepherd find what out what happened to his daughters.

After finishing their meal, and paying for room and board for all of their followers and cohorts, they decided to leave for the necropolis before sunset.

Leaving their mounts behind, Caldreas cast a spell that enabled everyone to fly and cover more ground than traveling by horse.

Thanks to Caldreas’s spell, they made good time and found a suitable campsite for the night.

Sometime in the middle of the night, they were attacked by two Shadows and a huge bat-like creature shaped from utter darkness.


Caldreas recognized the creature as a Nightwing, a type of Nightshade, mysterious extraplanar forms of necrotic abominations composed of equal parts darkness and ineffable evil.

Along with its undead minions, the nightwing flew down to attack the group.

At one point, the nightwing tried to bite Patch’s enchanted weapon and drain it of its magical properties.

The fight against the nightwing turned against the creature of darkness as its minions and were destroyed by the combine might of the Champions of the Realms.

Clearly defeated, the nightwing became invisible and tried to flee by flying into the night.

However, Caldreas who could see the invisible creature, would not let the abomination flee and cause more harm to others.

He casted Meteor Swarm, one of his most powerful spells, against the fleeing creature. Fiery spheres sprung from the wizard’s outstretched hand and streaked towards the nightwing, leaving a fiery trail of sparks in their wake.

As the deadly spheres reached their target, they exploded in powerful bursts of fire which quickly destroyed the fleeing nightwing.

Wondering if the nightwing may have been the one responsible for the two girls’ disappearance, the Champions of the Realms continued to rest for the remainder of the night.

In the morning they would continue on their quest to solve the mysteries awaiting them in the Tomb of the Iron Medusa.

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III


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