The Golarion Gambit

The Columbarium
Ch. 4 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The Champions of the Realms have entered the Adella Necropolis’s Columbarium. There, they encounter the spirit of Captain Pasco Voxus Adella, are followed by bewitching, beautiful spirits who were harmless but unnervingly annoying, and find themselves engaged in a deadly feud with one another.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

The Adella Necropolis, Part 2
Ch. 3 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


Having discovered the magical means of entering the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, the Champions of the Realms continue to explore the Adella necropolis to uncover its hidden secrets.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

Thistletop Warrens, Part 2
Ch. 9 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

4 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes continue to wreak havok on the Thistletop goblins as they fight their way through the goblin warrens towards the goblin stronghold of Thistletop.

After slaying the nearly dozen goblin refugees, the Heroes of Sandpoint made their way farther into the Thistletop Warrens.

Not long after leaving the chamber of the goblin refugees, the group ran into a musty-smelling chamber covered with matted, wiry fur. Well-gnawed bones lie scattered about the floor.

Suddenly four emaciated furless goblin dogs came at the group and attacked.

As the heroes battled the goblin dogs, a male goblin accompanied by a

To be continued…

Heroes of Sandpoint

Arthur LaMorté

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


The Adella Necropolis
Ch. 2 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

5 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The Champions of the Realms have reached the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, a family necropolis built by a medusa architect for the Adellas, an old Taldan noble family who disgraced themselves and were stripped of their title many years ago.

To be continued…

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

Thistletop Warrens, Part 1
Ch. 8 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

4 Lamashan, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes’ journey to Nettlewood proves dangerous as they encounter goblin dogs and a warren full of goblins out to stop them from wreaking havoc upon the goblins of Thistletop.

To be continued…

Heroes of Sandpoint

Arthur LaMorté

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


Heroes' Reunion at the Lion Sleeps Inn
Ch. 1 (Tomb of the Iron Medusa Module)

4 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


As the Champions of the Realms meet at the Lion Sleeps Inn, northeast of Zimar, a Taldan merchant named Hanoris Dellum meets with them in a private meeting room and offers them a proposition he promises will make them incredibly wealthy and even more famous.

On the way to their six-month reunion at the Lion Sleeps Inn, Caldreas and Patch, along with Patch’s cohort ran into several bandits who thought they could try to rob them.

During the brief encounter, Patch kicked a bandit in the rear end while Caldreas launched a volley of magic missiles that blasted the ground around one forcing the petrified bandit to pee in his pants.

As the last of the bandits ran away, the three travelers continued on to their destination.

When Caldreas and Patch entered the inn’s main room, Skaylebane was already there.

They all sat together and ordered a meal along with a bottle of fine elven wine.

As usual, Winslow was nearly an hour late to the reunion, which they agreed to have every six months, barring any event that would prevent each of them from doing so.

At the table, they reminisced and swapped stories of what they had been doing during the last six months, when suddenly a man dressed in the fineries of a merchant approached their table.


The man introduced himself as Hanoris Dellum, a succesful merchant who he said also happened to be the last living scion of a disgraced Taldan family—the Adellas—whom he suspects may have been the victims of a conspiracy by powerful enemies to ruin their reputation.

He invited the four into a private meeting room where he began to tell them about his need for highly skilled adventurers like the Champions of the Realms to help find proof or information that might still lie in the old family burial grounds. He asked the Champions of the Realms to travel to the family owned necropolis known as the Tomb of the Iron Medusa, so called because of a medusa who had been the necropolis’s chief architect. There, he added, they could find proof in the form of, Infensus Mucro, a once famous intelligent sword that could be the key in exonerating the family’s name.

He gave also gave them a baton he said he had found in a hidden panel behind a plaque on a wall in the very room where they now were. Hanoris twisted the top of the baton, causing the tip to pop open and revealed a hollow inside containing a rolled parchment. The parchment contained a cryptic rhyme.

Set thee off from Slumbering Cat
Seeking where the Dead are at
Journey north and east apace
To find Medusa’s iron embrace,
Follow now the Spider Star
Behind the Wall that hides its Face
To our Sad, Abandoned Place
If visit ye the Long Deceased
Find the Will to Feed the Beast
Then Begin where all Men End
Light go out and Breath Suspend
Egress through the Stony Door
After turning Face to Floor
Each Adellan Branch has Room
In its Silent, Musty Tomb
For at least one Careless Soul
Wouldst thou fill that Empty Hole?

Hanoris believed that in the Adellas’ last days, one of their members wrote the lines on the parchment as a sort of guide or map, in the hope that they could guide future descendents through the wards and defenses of the tomb so that proof of the falsehoods could be found.

Although he admitted that he could not pay the famous adventurers what they were worth, he said they could keep anything they found save for the intelligent sword. He promised whatever they found at the Tomb of the Iron Medusa would make each of them incredibly wealthy and even more famous.

The Champions agreed to help Hanoris.

But before they could leave, a man who said he was a local shepherd named Lucius Manvale. He sadly reported that his daughters Cinda and Genelle disappeared two months ago, like others have in these parts from time to time. He muttered about something foul in the countryside, but had little else to offer, other than the fact that his daughters were good girls and would never run off with travelers as some have suggested to him.

The Champions offered to help the shepherd find what out what happened to his daughters.

After finishing their meal, and paying for room and board for all of their followers and cohorts, they decided to leave for the necropolis before sunset.

Leaving their mounts behind, Caldreas cast a spell that enabled everyone to fly and cover more ground than traveling by horse.

Thanks to Caldreas’s spell, they made good time and found a suitable campsite for the night.

Sometime in the middle of the night, they were attacked by two Shadows and a huge bat-like creature shaped from utter darkness.


Caldreas recognized the creature as a Nightwing, a type of Nightshade, mysterious extraplanar forms of necrotic abominations composed of equal parts darkness and ineffable evil.

Along with its undead minions, the nightwing flew down to attack the group.

At one point, the nightwing tried to bite Patch’s enchanted weapon and drain it of its magical properties.

The fight against the nightwing turned against the creature of darkness as its minions and were destroyed by the combine might of the Champions of the Realms.

Clearly defeated, the nightwing became invisible and tried to flee by flying into the night.

However, Caldreas who could see the invisible creature, would not let the abomination flee and cause more harm to others.

He casted Meteor Swarm, one of his most powerful spells, against the fleeing creature. Fiery spheres sprung from the wizard’s outstretched hand and streaked towards the nightwing, leaving a fiery trail of sparks in their wake.

As the deadly spheres reached their target, they exploded in powerful bursts of fire which quickly destroyed the fleeing nightwing.

Wondering if the nightwing may have been the one responsible for the two girls’ disappearance, the Champions of the Realms continued to rest for the remainder of the night.

In the morning they would continue on their quest to solve the mysteries awaiting them in the Tomb of the Iron Medusa.

Champions of the Realms

Caldreas Arannis



Winslow Crestkeeper III

Cathedral of Wrath
Ch. 7 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

26 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes descend back into the Catacombs of Wrath to clear it of its foul denizens which threaten the safety of Sandpoint.

As the heroes were considering what to do next, they heard that a young necromancer had arrived in Sandpoint.

They heard the necromancer was a young human man named Arthur LaMorté who was staying at the Rusty Dragon.

The group, not sure about the necromancer’s intent and having recently discovered zombies in the catacombs decided to pay Arthur a visit.

However, the young wizard proved difficult to find. Local citizens including Ameiko had seen the young wizard and had even spoken to him. Everyone described him as an amicable young man who seemed quite honest and open about his interest in necromancy.

Unable to find him anywhere, they decided to return to the catacombs and question LaMorté later.

Going through the newly discovered entrance in the alley not far from the Glassworks, the Heroes of Sandpoint descended back down into the Catacombs of Wrath.

Following the map Iris had drawn, the brave heroes made their way back down towards the spiral staircase where they heard the faint yelp of a distant dog or similar creature.

The passages through the catacombs had an aura of neglect that hung over the entire level. Dead beetles lay curled in the grime that had accumulated throughout the centuries. Cobwebs lined the ceiling, though their arachnid occupants seemed to have moved on or died a long time ago.

The spiraling stairwell went down deeper than they realized it would. However the stairwell ended in a collapsed dead end. Although from somewhere beyond the rubble they could hear the faint sounds of the animal they heard before, they knew it would take quite some time and a lot of help to dig their way through.

They decided to go back past the statue and explore the only part of the catacombs that was left to explore.

A tunnel led past the statue and eventually widened into what appeared to have once been a small shrine. Steps led up to a platform of gray stone. Sitting atop the platform was an ancient altar, little more than a jagged block of black marble with a shallow basin on top of it. The basin is filled with what appeared to be filthy water.

A stone door was visible at the other end of the of shrine.

The heroes examined the altar, even filling a waterskin with the filthy water to examine it later.

Behind the altar, they noticed a symbol painted on the wall.


No one recognized the symbol so decided to leave the shrine and explore what lay beyond the door.

While everyone stood behind the ranger, Kyrios listened at the door then opened it.

Opening the door halfway, he saw a huge room which looked like nothing more than an immense underground cathedral. Stone doors stood to either side of the main entrance, but beyond this, the walls were carved with strange, spiky runes.

In the center of the room was a large pool, with a ring of polished human skulls balanced on
stone spikes arranged in a circle around the deeper midsection. At the far end of the room, a pair of stone stairways led up to a pulpit on which sat a second pool, that one triangular and filled with churning, bubbling water that looked almost like translucent lava.

Yet while wisps of what looked like heat and steam rose from the strange orange liquid, the room itself felt deathly cold.

Inside the room, Kyrios also spotted a sinspawn armed with a ranseur. Although he couldn’t see them behind the door, he heard two more sinspawns in the room.

Before Kyrios could launch an arrow at the one he could see, it charged at him, cutting him and blocking the way into the room.

The others launched their own attacks against the sinspawn.

Nagatono deftly made his way past the sinspawn, narrowly avoided a wicked slice from the thing’s ranseur.

Seconds later, the monk spotted a creature no bigger than a stirge materialize out of thin air far above the nearest pool. It was tiny horned humanoid with a long tail and draconic wings, female in appearance and wore a silken blue dress. An even tinier dagger lay sheath at its waist.


The creature hovered close to the ceiling as it regarded the monk with disdain.

It suddenly pointed a finger at Nagatono, who for a moment felt a wave of magic sweep over his body. For a second, he felt every one of his muscles stiffen, but he resisted the spell’s effects and continued to battle a nearby sinspawn.

The battle against three sinspawns and the flying creature raged on for some time.

When it was over, all three sinspawns lay dead on the floor while the heroes sustained some injuries themselves.

The flying creature kept casting spell after spell at the heroes but couldn’t do much to hurt them. However, the heroes ranged attacks either missed the creature entirely or did little to hurt it as well.

Alone and at a stalemate, the creature disappeared from sight and was not seen again.

Certain the strange flying creature had either teleported away or fled while invisible, the group took their time to search the dead sinspawns and the entire cathedral.

When Kyrios tried to collect a sample of the foul water from the second pool, his fingertip accidentally touched the water. He felt like he had dipped his finger in frozen water.

Careful not to touch the water, he filled his waterskin with the orange liquid to take back to Sandpoint and have it analyzed by someone there.

They didn’t find anything else of worth in the cathedral so decided to return to Sandpoint.

They went back to the Rusty Dragon to talk to Arthur LaMorté, whom they found enjoying a light meal.

For the next hour, they questioned him but found him to be nothing more than an adventurer looking to join a group and gain experience to improve his skills as a wizard.

Arthur LaMorté said he began his journey into necromancy when at the age of seven, his mother told him to go make himself some friends or he’ll be lonely. Taking her advice to heart, young Arthur began studying the art of necromancy.

Arthur’s love of necromancy was not due to evil motives or megalomaniacal goals, but rather stemmed from his clinical view of other creatures as mere objects to be manipulated in either life or death. He said he was more likely to raise the corpse of a fallen opponent than raid a graveyard for the body he needed.

Kyrios didn’t see any harm in letting Arthur join the group. The others reluctantly agreed to let him join and admitted that having another arcane spellcaster in the group could prove useful.

Now five strong, the group considered what to do next.

Clan suggested going to Thistlethorp, while Iris suggested making sure there were no other entrances to the catacombs below before leaving.

But before they could leave to go home for the night, Mayor Deverin met them and asked them about what they had discovered in the catacombs below. Satisfied the catacombs had been cleared, she asked that the heroes remain in Sandpoint until Sheriff Hemlock returned with a small force of guards from Magnimar.

She said she was expecting the sheriff’s return by the end of the week.

With a week to spend in town, the group knew it would afford them time to recover and perhaps purchase necessary equipment before heading out to Thistlethorp to confront what dangers awaited them there.

Heroes of Sandpoint

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


The Man's Promise
Ch. 6 (Skull and Shackles Adventure Path)

7 Arodus, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Summer


The crew are about to get a taste of real piracy as the Wormwood closes in upon a Rahadoumi merchant vessel called the Man’s Promise.

Under multiple fog cloud spells cast by Peppery Longfarthing, an officer aboard the Wormwood, the crew boarded the Rahadoumi merchant vessel, the Man’s Promise.

The crew was ordered to Riaris Krine to protect the merchant ship’s sterncastle.

“The ship’s wheel is on the aft deck, just below the sterncastle," Riaris said. “You’re going to grapple over, kill the guards on the sterncastle, take the wheel, and guard the ship’s boats. Kill anyone who tries to get away on one of the boats. Don’t move from the wheel until the fighting’s done, or you’ll have to answer to me.”

Following her orders the crew fought the guards at the sterncastle and held their position there.

The sounds of fighting drifted out of the mist, which occasionally parted to give the crew a glimpse of the larger battle. As pirates and Rahadoumi sailors fell or were thrown into the sea, the crew heard their screams as they were ripped apart by sharks.

During the fight, Captain Harrigan made his way to the captain’s cabin aboard the Man’s Promise.

As he was making his way there, a Rahadoumi sailor tried to sneak up on the unsuspecting captain.

Bodwin, who was inspiring his fellow crewmen from the Wormwood with songs of courage saw the would be assassin come up behind Captain Harrigan.

“Captain,” Bodwin yelled. “Behind you!”

Captain Harrigan turned around in time to deflect a dagger’s thrust with his own blade. He then quickly attacked the sailor with multiple attacks, killing the sailor.

The captain nodded in thanks towards the gnome bard.

In time the battle to capture the Man’s Promise was won.

Although several crewmen of the Wormwood had been killed in the battle, the loss for the Man’s Promise was even more. Her captain was killed, his heart ripped out by Captain Harrigan who proudly displayed the bloody organ to his crew.

With her goods transferred over to the Wormwood, a party began as the pirates celebrate their victory with fine food and drink from the Man’s Promise’s hold.

Meanwhile, Captain Harrigan held a meeting with his top officers and divvied up the plunder from the Man’s Promise among the crew.

For warning him about the attack, Captain Harrigan gave Bodwin an Amulet of Natural Armor as a reward.

At dawn, a few hours after the celebration finally winded down, the ship’s bell sounded, calling all hands on deck.

When the crew was assembled, a long line of captured officers and sailors from the Man’s Promise was brought on deck and paraded before the crew. Captain Harrigan addressed the captives first, offering a place on the Wormwood’s crew for any who want to throw their lot in with pirates. Several of the Rahadoumi sailors stepped forward; Master Scourge cut their bonds, and the sailors took their places among the Wormwood’s crew.

Captain Harrigan then turned to address the Wormwood’s crew. “All right, you scurvy tars! You’ve done a right good job by me—we’ve got a second ship now, and she’s quite a prize from
the looks of her. But I still have only one crew. So here’s the plan—the Wormwood will sail on to our planned destination with our new shipmates here, while Mr. Plugg will pick a skeleton crew to sail the Man’s Promise to Port Peril where she’ll be worth a pretty penny as salvage."

The crew nodded in agreement with the captain’s plans.

“As for these fine fellows here”, Harrigan gestured at the remainder of the captured ship’s crew. “some of them will no doubt be worth a hefty ransom from their families back in Azir. And for the rest, if the life of a pirate’s not for them, they can spend the rest of their lives at sea!”

To make his point, Harrigan grabbed one of the Rahadoumi sailors and threw her overboard to the accompaniment of cheers and laughter from the Wormwood’s crew. As the unfortunate woman sank beneath the waves, many of the remaining sailors scrambled to swear their loyalty to Harrigan. The officers were then led belowdecks and the crew dispersed to their daily tasks.

Mr. Plugg however ordered Bodwin, Marlin, Orog, Ripley, and Ukalla to join him and over a dozen others to form a skeleton crew that would take the captured ship to Port Peril.

Master Scourge smiled evilly as Mr. Plugg picked each one of them.

Besides Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, the skeleton crew of the Man’s Promise included Mr. Owlbear Hartshorn, Ambrose Kroop (whom the captain was apparently glad to be rid of ), Conchobhar Shortstone, Rosie Cusswell, and Sandara Quinn. Eight Wormwood pirates whom the others knew were loyal to Plugg and Scourge were also selected to join the skeleton crew.

Once everyone was aboard with their gear, the Man’s Promise set sail for Port Peril.

The crew now under the command of Mr. Plugg first ordered everyone to call him Captain Plugg and made it clear that the rules aboard the captured ship would remain the same, though discipline would be a good deal harsher than on the lackadaisical Wormwood.

Captain Plugg said all crimes were now punishable with the cat instead of the whip. He added that all of the crew would keep the same jobs they had before on the Wormwood, but they would have to work a good deal harder since the crew was smaller.

The crew looked at one another and realized that they had survived the fire, only to be thrown into the proverbial frying pan.


Bodwin Dragonjoggle

Marlin Nightwater


Ripley “Dead Eyes” Morris

Ukalla Quee

Catacombs of Wrath
Ch. 6 (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

25 Rova, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Fall


The heroes have rescued Ameiko Kaijitsu and have killed her estranged half-brother, Tsuto, beneath the Sandpoint Glassworks. They’ve also discovered a vast catacomb filled with strange aberrations known as sinspawns beneath the town of Sandpoint.

After exploring the catacomb’s prison, the Heroes of Sandpoint pressed farther into the Catacombs of Wrath.

Past the prison, the party discovered a room which contained several ancient relics of what appeared to be torture implements, although their function and style seemed strange and archaic.

In one corner sat a spherical cage with spikes protruding inward from its iron bars. In another stood what appeared to be a star-shaped wooden frame, its surface studded with hooks. And in the center of the room was a long table covered with leather straps and a number of cranks that seemed designed to rotate and swivel.

A door led to another room filled with the crumbling remnants of several chairs and a long table. To the south stood three stone doors, each bearing a strange symbol that resembles a seven-pointed star.

No one was able to discern what the symbol represented.

Each door revealed a small prison cell. Within each was a single skeleton of a badly deformed humanoid; one had three brittle arms, another has an enormous misshapen skull, and the third has a rib cage that grew all the way down to its pelvis—a pelvis with stunted leg bones strewn below its strangely flat girth.


Rummaging through the pile of broken furniture, they found a scroll of flaming sphere which Iris took for use later.

After, the group continued on and came into a large chamber with a vaulted height of twenty feet. The floor contained eleven wooden lids strewn haphazardly over eleven five-foot-wide pits in the ground. From within these pits echoed up strange shuffling sounds and, every so often, a low moan.

Suddenly, from the far side of the chamber emerged a misshapen goblinoid creature armed with a strange looking longsword, a silver dagger, and a masterworked axe in its three hands.

“Me guard room,” the thing uttered as it rushed up to battle the group.

During the battle against the goblinoid thing, it vomited foul-smelling and acidic blood from his mouth striking half the group, including Osiris, Iris’s raven familiar.

Osiris was instantly killed by the thing’s foul vomit.

The battle went on for some time, but after they had killed it, Kyrios threw its body into one of the pits but not before taking its weapons.

Shining a torch down into the pit, they saw that it contained a zombie. They assumed the other pits each contained a zombie as well.

They decided to leave the zombies alone for the moment and move on.

Taking a door that led out of the chamber the group followed a short corridor that branched off towards a spiraling stone staircase leading down and also continued down to end at a stone door.

Passing by the passageway leading to the spiral staircase, Kyrios faintly heard the sounds of a distant animal which sounded like a dog’s feral growl, although he wasn’t certain. He passed it on to the others who decided to explore that part of the catacombs later.

Opening the stone door, the heroes discovered a strange room built in the shape of a fifteen-foot-diameter sphere. Several objects floated in the room, slowly spinning lazily in space. The items a ragged book, a scroll, a bottle of wine, a dead raven surrounded by a halo of floating
and writhing maggots (a sight Iris didn’t particularly like seeing), and a twisted iron wand with a forked tip.

Yet perhaps the most unnerving aspect of the room is the walls, for they were plated in sheets of strange red metal that ripple every once in a while with silent black electricity that seemed to coalesce into strange runes or even words far too often for the effect to be chance.

Nagatono volunteered to enter the circular room after first being tied to a rope.

Upon entering the room, the monk noticed that there was no gravity in the room. For the others, it was a strange sight to see the monk float into the room and retrieve the floating objects.

Back in the hallway, they decided return to the room with the statue of a strikingly beautiful woman carved from red marble.

Beyond the room, a long flight of stairs led up.

Following the stairs, the group entered a round room with a circular pool made entirely from tightly fitted skulls. Water rippled quietly in the pool. Moving to the door on the opposite side of the room, the group was suddenly attacked by a flying creature hiding in the shadows near the wall.


The hideous creature had a blackened, bat-winged fiend’s head. Tentacles dangled from its chin and scalp, and its fanged mouth hung agape.

During the fight against the creature, which no one could identify, it opened its distended mouth and emitted an ear-splitting shriek which caused Iris and Kyrios to be paralyzed.

While Clan and Nagatono continued to battle the creature, it flew down to Kyrios and kissed the helpless ranger. Kyrios, who couldn’t move felt a strange sickness sweep over his entire body.

Eventually, the creature was slain by both Clan and Nagatono.

Suffering from injuries and the strange sickness Kyrios was feeling, the group decided to proceed past the door.

Beyond it was a flight of stairs that led up to a stone trapdoor. After opening the trapdoor, the heroes were surprised to find themselves emerging in an alley in the cluster of buildings between Tower Street and Junker’s Way. Narrow fissures were cut into the stone trapdoor, helping to keep (relatively) fresh air in the catacombs.

Calling for a nearby town guard, who was surprised to see the heroes emerge out of a trapdoor in an alley, they asked the guard to stand watch over the trapdoor while they went to the Cathedral.

There they asked Medik and Father Zantus for help. Although neither knew what the creature was that kissed Kyrios, an acolyte named Fellix suggested the creature may have been a Vargouille an evil extraplanar outsider. He said their kiss can begin terrible a transformation that would change the one kissed into a vargouille within twenty-four hours, and often much sooner. He added that the transformation’s progress can be paused by sunlight, but stopping the transformation required remove disease spell or a similar effect.

Father Zantus said Kyrios would have to wait until the sun rose in the morning until he could cast Remove Disease. Meanwhile they kept Kyrios outside in the sunlight to pause the transformation.

When the sun set, the night turned out to be the longest night for Kyrios.

During the night, all of his hair fell out. Hours later, his ears grew into leathery wings and tentacles sprouted on his chin and scalp. His teeth also become long, pointed fangs. After midnight, Kyrios’s ability to remember or understand anything became affected. He also became more violent and harder to be around as his skin began to turn a sickly green.

But just as the sun rose and everyone had thought they were going to lose their friend, Father Zantus entered the small sleeping quarters where Kyrios lay huddled against a corner.

Father Zantus, priest of Desna, goddess of freedom and luck, entered the room. While the others watched, Father Zantus touched Kyrios’s bald, sickly green head and cast the spell that would cure the ranger of his affliction.

Later that morning, while eating breakfast prepared by the acolytes at the cathedral, the group considered what they were going to do next.

Should they return to the catacombs below Sandpoint or let fate, and Desna’s luck, decide where the day’s journey lay?

Heroes of Sandpoint

Clan Wulfhound


Kyrios Edenridge


Trouble in the Sun to Risky Games in the Bilges
Ch. 5 (Skull and Shackles Adventure Path)

26 Erastus – 5 Arodus, 4716 AR (Absalom Reckoning), Summer


The crew continues to toil aboard the Wormwood by doing their daily jobs, learning how to properly board an enemy ship, and experiencing first hand just how harsh and deadly life can be for a pirate under the wrath of Mr. Plugg, the ship’s first mate.

A few days after surviving the storm, the crew found themselves somewhere off the Slithering Coast.

One day, the crew was excused from their regular work and were instead trained in the proper form of boarding. The training was carried out under the watchful eye of Riaris Krine, the Wormwood’s master gunner.

Krine’s skin was darkened from countless days on deck under the sun, and her nose had the appearance of having been broken several times over. One of her legs had been replaced with a wooden peg leg. As rumor had it, it was the result of a wayward catapult shot that took off her leg below the knee. To the crew, she was the most vile tongued wench the they had ever met, and her language made Rosie Cusswell sound like a nun.

After several attempts, all but Orog had proven less than skilled in the art of boarding. Orog, despite being struck by bottles, rotten vegetables, and even a dead fish thrown at him by several crew members form the ship, was able to cross the grappling line from the jolly boat to the Wormwood.

Krine told Orog he would be leading the next boarding party.

The rest of the days were spent going about their assigned jobs on board. In the evening, some took time to socialize with several of the other crew members in an effort to win them over as friends and allies.

By the seventeenth day on board the ship, it was clear Mr. Plugg was going out of his way to make life even more difficult for the crew by soundly abusing them, assigning the worst jobs to each of them, and generally bullying and trying to humiliate them.

Two days later, Marlin and Bodwin were assigned to work down in the bilges. Before leaving to do their job Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge searched them for any possible hidden weapons. Satisfied the two were unarmed, they were ordered to get to work.

Slippery Syl Lonegan, Fipps Chumlett, and Jaundiced Jape—three sailors who had tried to rough up the crew during their second day on board—were in the bilges when Marlin and Bodwin arrived.

Syl, an unhinged murderer who fled to sea to escape the gallows, got to work manning the bilge pump along with Bodwin. Marlin and the others two went to work scrubbing the walls and gathering any floating debris in the waist deep water.

A short time later, Syl screamed that Bodwin had slapped her after she complained about the gnome slacking at his job.

Bodwin accused Syl of lying.

In response, Syl drew out a hidden dagger.

Bodwin and Marlin both saw Fipps and Jape draw similar daggers.

Bodwin yelled for help at the top of his lungs, but no one heard the gnome’s plea for help.

Unarmed, Bodwin and Marlin did their best to defend themselves while trying to punch or kick the three armed pirates.

But in the end, they were no match against the armed pirates.

When Bodwin and Marlin woke up some time later, they found themselves lying in their hammocks. Bandages covered their wounds but did little to ease the pain.

Sandara Quinn, a cleric of Besmara the Pirate Queen, goddess of piracy, sea monsters, and strife, who had taken a liking to the newly arrive crew members, sat nearby. When asked, she said she had become suspicious when she noticed the two go down to the bilges but only the other three emerged some time later.

She then went below and found Bodwin and Marlin unconscious. She said they were lucky she
arrived before they had bled to death.

Bodwin said he would report the attack to the captain.

Sandara said it wouldn’t do any good. The others had told Mr. Plugg that Bodwin and Marlin had started a fight and had injured themselves while the others defended themselves. Captain Harrigan believed Mr. Plugg and had ordered Bodwin and Marlin be placed in the sweatbox as soon as they had recovered.

Bodwin swore he would someday exact his revenge on the first mate.

Fortunately for Bodwin and Marlin, Orog’s cry of “Ship ahoy!” later that day would save them from a fate possibly worse than death.

With the ship in sight, Captain Harrigan immediately ordered all hands on deck. He then ordered the helmsman to turn the Wormwood to pursue its prey.

As the evening wore on, the Wormwood gradually gained on the other ship, and by dawn, less than half a mile separated the two.

Mr. Plugg, looking through his spyglass said the ship was a Rahadoumi merchant vessel called the Man’s Promise.

The next day, with Bodwin and Marlin working alongside the other crew members, the Wormwood closed in on the Man’s Promise.


Bodwin Dragonjoggle

Marlin Nightwater


Ripley “Dead Eyes” Morris

Ukalla Quee


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